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Maximise your savings and minimise your headaches.​

SunPower AC module systems combine industry-leading solar panel technology with advanced microinverter technology from Enphase to maximise your roof’s potential. ​ ​

The result? Greater reliability over your system’s lifetime, with superior output in real-world conditions—not to mention the enhanced curb appeal that comes with a simpler, cleaner system design.​

And it’s all backed by the peace of mind that comes with 40 years of category-leading warranty protection* and the professional expertise gained from 35+ years in solar.​

Better technology. Better together.​ ​

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Why Choose Sunpower Solar For Your Home

SunPower Australia is a solar technology company, distributing products designed and manufactured by Maxeon Solar Technologies, a global leader in solar innovation. Maxeon and SunPower brand solar products are sold in more than 100 countries.

SunPower Australia is dedicated to these principles of technological innovation and sustainability for a better tomorrow.  

SunPower knows the only path forward for real change is not business as usual. We have to do things differently and that begins at the business level. 

What Is A Microinverter?

A microinverter is a small electronic​ device that sits beneath each solar​ panel. Its main task is to convert the​ electricity generated by your solar​ panels from direct current (DC) into​ alternating current (AC) that you can​ use directly in your home or export​ to the grid.​

Powerfully Reliable Solar Power

String Inverter System

In a conventional setup, one inverter controls the output of a whole solar array, a design with a single point of failure.

0% system power if 1 string inverter fails

SunPower AC Module

SunPower AC Modules distribute this risk across every panel through a far more reliable technology: Enphase microinverters, and it’s all backed by a 40-year warranty* .

80% system power if 1 microinverter fails

Solar That Works Harder. And Smarter.

Each SunPower AC module functions independently, making your whole system more reliable, and your rooftop more productive. With conventional technology, the system performs only as well as its weakest panel. This can dramatically reduce output due to shade or other real-world challenges, even small debris like leaves.

String Inverter System

50% System Power

(performs at level of weakest panel)

SunPower AC Module

84% System Power

(max energy harvest)

Always In Sync

Home solar’s most advanced solar technology – on your roof, and in the palm of your hand.

Panel-level monitoring

Have confidence in your system performance through individual data on each panel.

Real-time views

See your energy and environmental data on any connected device, and share your results on social media.

Automatic Software Updates

Remain current on all utility rate updates and system improvements, hassle free.

how to test solar panels

These systems provide clean, renewable energy and can help you cut your energy bills

Longest Warranty Offer in the Solar Industry

SunPower offers the very best solar performance warranty in the market and is currently the longest warranty in the industry at 40 years for their Maxeon solar panels (DC only).

 The SunPower Maxeon Panel 40-Year Warranty is only possible due to the exceptional quality of the Maxeon solar energy technology. Field data has shown that solar clients are 100 times more likely to return a conventional solar panel than a SunPower Maxeon panel.

This warranty covers both the panel and performance, which makes it much easier to process than standard warranties, as well as broad repair and replacement coverage as well. There isn’t a more competitive or comprehensive warranty currently on the market for any solar product.

Check with your installer or service provider on general availability for warranty services, as this may vary in different locations or with different installers.


About SunPower Australia - One of the World’s Most Innovative Solar Companies

SunPower is a company that puts its money where its mouth is, working towards ever more sustainable practices and solar manufacturing. Their hard work paid off in March 2020, when their Mexico manufacturing facility was re-certified as Zero Waste to Landfill by NSF Sustainability. The certification means that the facility sends less than 1% of its waste to landfills and it remains the only solar panel manufacturing facility to achieve this. 

As a company, they do extensive field testing and collecting of field data to continually improve the quality, durability, reliability and performance of their product range, delivering unrivaled efficiency and energy generation.

SunPower Range of Solar Panels Models in Australia

SunPower solar panels have been sold in Australia since 2017, bringing their acclaimed high-performance and high-efficiency Performance (P Series) and Maxeon (M Series) solar panels to the Australian market.

The SunPower Performance or P series solar panels are designed to deliver enhanced efficiency, quality, and reliability compared to Conventional Panels. The innovative shingled design of the panels expands the active area for energy production and has the sleek aesthetic property owners love.

The SunPower Maxeon or M series solar panels are the highest efficiency solar panel you can buy with unmatched reliability and maximum production. This is due to the innovative design of the Maxeon solar cell, which is far more durable and resistant to corrosive elements, as well as generating more energy over its lifetime on average when compared to conventional panels.

The AC module combines the industry-leading reliability and production of SunPower Maxeon solar panels and microinverter technology to deliver exceptional solar energy performance.

SunPower Performance Solar Panels

Combining 35 years of material and manufacturing expertise and innovation, SunPower’s P series solar panels surpass conventional panels in performance, reliability and efficiency.

Released in 2015, the panel features a shingled cell design that makes the panels more flexible and durable, as well as generating more energy over their lifetime. The shingled cell design re-engineers conventional solar technology to enhance both the performance and the durability of the panel through:

  • Conductive adhesives to reinforce cell connections. This adhesive was originally designed for aerospace technology to withstand extreme temperatures and temperature changes, meaning these solar panels can easily handle the stresses of day-to-day temperature swings.
  • Redundant cell connections to mitigate the impacts of cell cracks on power output by creating flexible paths for electricity flow.
  • Proprietary encapsulants are designed to protect the cells by minimizing degradation from environmental exposure.

The Performance range of solar panels is known for their long-term reliability and consistency in energy production, through temperature changes, partial shade, or extreme environmental conditions.

To date, SunPower has delivered over 7 GW of Performance solar panels around the world.

SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

The unrivalled quality of Maxeon solar technologies means the M series solar panels are the panel of choice for property owners to power their lives and businesses.

SunPower Maxeon panels deliver the lowest degradation rate in the solar industry at around 0.2% (the lowest degradation rate after this is 0.75% per year). This means the panels will last much longer, require fewer repairs over their lifetime, and have less downtime on average, resulting in up to 25% more energy in its first year and up to 35% more energy over the first 25 years (the average lifespan for most standard solar panels).

Maxeon solar customers can look forward to a lifetime of clean energy and savings, as the M series panels have a much longer average lifespan than other solar panel products on the market. Not only does it live longer, which led to the creation of the industry’s longest warranty of 40 years, but it also produces more energy on average over its lifetime compared to conventional panels as well.

But that’s not all! Not only are these solar panels’ performance, warranty, and durability unrivalled, but they are also one of the most sustainably made solar panels available and have multiple third-party certifications for sustainable manufacturing. Maxeon solar panels are:

  • Lead-free
  • Made with recyclable materials
  • In a Zero Waste to Landfill facility, certified by NSF Sustainability
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified™ – this is a prestigious designation for direct current (DC) panels that assert the quality of the product based on rankings of material health, material re-utilisation, renewable energy use, water stewardship, and social fairness.

And backed by an incredible 40-year warranty, they won’t need replacing for decades, greatly reducing waste.

Maxeon Solar Cell Technology

The Maxeon solar cell is fundamentally different from conventional solar cells, delivering uncompromising reliability, efficiency and durability. In fact, these solar cells are the top-ranked solar cell in the industry for durability, renowned for their ability to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet.

Maxeon solar cell technology is so durable compared to conventional cells – even when they’re exposed to scorching heat, extreme cold, cloud cover, or salty air – that they have been used in a range of extreme applications, such as powering NASA’s GROVER machine in 2013, which was conducting research in Greenland. Just one of many projects the company has worked on with NASA since 1997.

What makes Maxeon solar cells so different is:

  • No grid lines – instead these cells use back-contact connectivity, which removes the need for the grid lines often seen on conventional panels. The result is the whole cell is able to absorb more light sunlight and still performs well even in partial shade.
  • Solid metal backing – the metal backing makes each individual cell much stronger and increases its resistance to corrosive elements.
  • Thick connectors – each cell is connected by thick, triple-redundant connectors with built-in strain relief to handle the stress of expanding and contracting throughout the day as the temperature changes.


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They never palmed me off, took full responsibility for the issue and ensured the solution would work. I am glad I went with HCB and got a premium product.

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