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At HCB Solar, we specialize in the piling and mechanical installation on solar farms with over 10 years experience in the industry.

Large installations take knowledge with no room for error. We are ISO accredited with years of experience in small- and large-scale projects. We take pride in our work and providing a solution for our customers.

Past Solar Projects

Explore some of our past solar farm projects. 

From the top of Australia to the bottom, HCB Solar have completed small and large scale projects.

Industry and ISO Accreditation

Our Policies and Procedures set us apart from our competitors.




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Project Manager

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Site Manager (Piling)

Our Capabilities

Our machine is designed to direct ram the pile foundations without any pre-drilling or concrete when the ground allows.

We work closely with geotechnical and civil engineers to provide our customers a complete solution from testing through to construction.

  • Piling, Pile testing and Drilling.
  • Topographic Survey.
  • Pile height design, including curved trackers.
  • Inverter Foundations.
  • Rectification works.

Due to our expertise in the solar industry, we also offer mechanical tracker installation for your projects.

With HCB Solar you can get a single company to do the complete mechanical installation. We can install all types of solar modules. 

September 2022

Ground Mount, Weipa Phase 2 Solar Farm

“Thanks for an outstanding effort from HCB! It was an absolute pleasure working with you on this project. We would most definitely reach out to HCB for future projects on the east coast!”

Equipment Overview

Onsite Facility

Portable site offices, tool sheds available and towable around site to designated area. All our units include battery and solar.

GAYK Piling Rig (8)

These machines are equipped with NASKU GPS, specially designed to install piles for solar ground mount systems at the fastest pace with high accuracy.

Unimog (2)

The robust Unimog trucks and AG trailers are used for material distribution and logistics onsite (along with a 12t plant trailer).

All Terrain Vehicle (4)

Accessibility onsite can be limiting and messy. The buggy is used for all weather access reducing downtime and is more efficient to work out of.


This 20t excavator is
hired for drilling along
side the GPS drill
setups on the GAYK

Telehandler (2)

Compact machines with
available on site to
assist our mechanical
and piling crew (2.5 to
3.5t lifting capacity).

Skid Steer (2)

Skid steers with
available on site to
assist with mechanical
staging and piling
distribution (1.8t lifting

Forklift (1)

This machine is used to
lift and move our
materials over short
distance and in the

Huck Tooling

High quality and performance 920D Diesel Powerig, only 3 units in Australia.

Atlas Copco

High accuracy smart and connected torque wrenches and pistols that collects and stores data while preventing operator errors.

Pile Extactor

This compact extractor capable of generating 62t of pile extraction has been designed to most steel “H” and “C” sheet pile sections without modification.

Drilling Equipment

Attachments designed for drilling in fractured hard rock and abrasive conditions (300mm and 400mm diameter).

Pile Testing

All pile testing equipment required is available on site, and NATA calibration is up to date.

Pile testing is automated using hydraulics and automation.

Our trained testing team will perform the tests with optimal accuracy and quality.

GPS Capabilities

In house survey using Trimble equipment allows us to manage all areas of the project from the topographic survey through to data recording in the field for remediation/QA works.

Given the size of these projects, this eliminates the guess work in the field and gets you straight to the point.

Pile Height Calculations

Following the topographic survey, with the support of NASKU GmbH we can provide the 3D pile height design for both standard and curved tracker designs.

This gives your team confidence on the ground and eliminates the delays that can occur in this area of the work.

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If you are interested in career opportunities related to solar farm projects,
please send your enquiries to [email protected].