For an average household, a panel and inverter system will pay for itself in 5-7 years!

Residential Solar Panel experts.

Why Choose HCB Solar For Your Home.

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HCB are family owned. We’ve been installing solar panels since 2007.

We are in Newcastle for the long haul. If we recommend a brand, it’s because we tested it ourselves at our own solar panel lab in Cardiff.

HCB Solar are proud to be the Solar Authorised Dealer for LG solar panels. LG are at the forefront of solar technology. We ensure every brands we use, for any component we install, is to that same world best standard.

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Four generations of Newcastle electricians

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Only the best brands from around the world

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Easy ongoing service and maintenance

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Better equipment gives better yields

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Michael Haggerston
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Newcastle’s ONLY Authorised LG Dealer

3 Types of Solar Power Systems

Residential Solar Panel Systems currently  fall into three system types

Understanding the three will help you determine which system is right for you:

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Solar Panels with Inverter

Use power from your roof, sell the rest to the grid.

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Solar Panels with Battery

Store the excess power for use at night.


Battery-Ready solar

Batteries are fast becoming more viable. Don’t pay for a battery now, but spend smart so you can add one when you & the market are ready. 

HCB Residential Solar Packages

Expertly designed solar packages to get the most out of your investment.

We have a dedicated local team who examine your unique property & show you the best  approach solar for your situation. You gain a big advantage when you work with seasoned solar professionals who take the time to understand and explain your best move.

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small family (1)

3kW System

Solar Package

9-11 Panels
3kW Inverter

Estimated Annual Savings


Average Daily Energy

11.7 kWh

Average System Cost

$4,500 – $6,000

family (2)

5kW System

Solar Package

14-18 Panels
5kW Inverter

Estimated Annual Savings


Average Daily Energy

20 kWh

Average System Cost

$7,000 – $9,500

big family (1)

8kW System

Solar Package

22-28 Panels
8kW Inverter

Estimated Annual Savings


Average Daily Energy

31.2 kWh

Average System Cost

$11,500 – $15,000


Our Solar Panels

As LG Authorised Dealers we can offer you two of the best panels in the world:


Solar Panel System Cost Analysis

Ok, so you’re hearing that Solar is a great investment.

Here are the overview statistics:

  1. Cost – $/kwh for solar electricity is at least half the cost of grid electricity
  2. ROI – Return on Investment per annum is about 12-18%!   Compare this to an investment property at 6% pa return and shares at 11%, or your money sitting in the bank at 2% pa.
What you need to work out is:
  • Whether or not it’s a good investment in your circumstances,
  • How long it will take to pay for itself before you start seeing a benefit financially,
  • How the returns on the initial investment compare to putting your money into shares or even just putting it into the bank at 2%.
  • If you’re paying for the system on finance, you want to be sure that the return on investment is quite a bit more than what you’re paying in interest or else what’s the point?

Let’s look at a scenario and we’ll show you how to work out the returns for yourself. Firstly, how much energy will you solar energy system generate.

6.5kW Solar System Cost / Benefit Analysis

  1. You decide on a 6.5kW system (18 x LG Electronic solar panels) and it costs you $9,995 out of pocket fully installed (after STC & including GST).
  2. You live in Newcastle where a 6.5kW system produces on average 27.3kWh per day. This assumes a north facing roof with no shade issues.
  3. The price you currently pay for electricity is approx $0.30/kWh.
  4. You use 70% of the energy your system generates during the day time and you therefore you export 30% to the grid.
  5. Yearly System production = 27.3 units (kWh) x 365 days = 9,964 kWh per year
  6. Yearly Solar consumption  = 9964 units (kWh) x 0.7 = 6974 kWh (70% Consumed) = 2989 kWh (30% Exported)
  7. Yearly Benefit = (6974 x $0.30) + (2989 x $0.12) = $2450
HCB Solar - Empowering Homes Newcastle
  • Cost $/kwh of solar over 25 year life of system = $0.06/kwh (compared to $0.30 /kwh for grid electricity).  That is a 79% reduction!
  • Return on Investment = $2450 / $9995 x 100 = 24.5% per annum
  • Payback period = $9995 / $2450 = 4 years
  • And the price of this electricity will not go up!

Our Solar Inverters

Quality inverters are just as important as quality panels. And we can show a selection of these excellent brands. So you get the right inverter supplier for your solar panel system:


HCB has carefully chosen our partners and suppliers. We are proud to be Newcastle's Approved LG Dealer. The products we recommend are truly the best in the country.

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