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Removal of Solar Panels in Newcastle


Solar Panel Removal

HCB Solar are committed to making your transition to a new solar system as seamless and cost-effective as possible. When you choose to install a new solar panel system with us, we offer the removal of your old solar panels entirely free of charge. 

Our team will handle the entire process, from safely uninstalling your outdated panels to installing your brand-new, more efficient system. 

This service ensures that you can enjoy the latest solar technology without the hassle and expense of dealing with old equipment.

Convenience and Hassle-free transition

HCB Solar offers a seamless and hassle-free transition by handling both the removal of old solar panels and the installation of new systems. 

This  service eliminates the need to coordinate multiple providers, saving you time and effort. Our experienced professionals ensure the safe and efficient removal of outdated panels, minimising the risk of damage to your roof or property. 

We manage all aspects of the upgrade, from initial consultation to final installation, providing a smooth experience

Responsible Recycling

HCB Solar is committed to environmentally responsible practices by ensuring that old solar panels are disposed of or recycled properly. 

We partner with certified recycling facilities that specialise in processing solar components, recovering valuable materials like silicon, glass, and metals for reuse. 

This reduces the environmental impact and prevents harmful substances from entering landfills. By choosing HCB Solar, you contribute to a sustainable future, knowing that your old panels are being handled in an eco-friendly manner. 

Our responsible recycling initiative not only promotes environmental stewardship but also aligns with global efforts to reduce electronic waste and promote renewable energy.

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