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Solar Repairs.

For when your inverter displays a fault on the screen, or if there is another problem and you don’t know why, our solar inverter repairs services are here to help. HCB will investigate the cause of the problem for you.

Got lights flashing that shouldn’t be? We’ll diagnose the error states of your inverter and help you get back to green.

Common issues in solar systems

Common issues in solar and battery systems that often require repair include inverter faults, panel degradation and damage, wiring and connectivity problems, and battery performance and safety issues. 

Addressing these issues through regular inspections and professional repairs ensures the longevity and efficiency of solar and battery systems.

Inverter Faults

A significant portion of solar system repairs can be attributed to faults in the inverter. Inverters are critical components in a solar power system, converting the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity used by home appliances and the grid. Due to their complex nature and continuous operation, inverters are often more prone to issues compared to other system components.

Common problems include failure to start, intermittent operation, error codes, and reduced efficiency. These issues can stem from faulty capacitors, fan failures, software bugs, or grid compatibility problems.

Since the inverter is integral to the system’s operation, any fault can significantly impact the overall performance of the solar power system. This makes timely repairs and maintenance of inverters crucial to maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the entire system.

Damaged or degrading solar panels

Solar panels, while designed for durability, are not immune to various forms of damage and degradation over time. One common issue is physical damage, which can result from environmental factors such as hail, wind, and debris. This damage can manifest as microcracks in the solar cells, leading to reduced efficiency and power output. Panels can also suffer from delamination, where layers of the panel separate due to prolonged exposure to moisture and UV radiation, further compromising their performance.

Additionally, solar panels naturally degrade over time, typically losing a small percentage of their efficiency each year. This degradation rate can be accelerated by factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and improper maintenance. Regular cleaning and inspection can help mitigate some of these effects, but it’s crucial to monitor panel performance and address any signs of accelerated degradation promptly.

Wiring and Connectivity problems

Faulty or damaged wiring and connectivity problems are frequent issues in solar and battery systems that can significantly impact performance and safety. Wiring issues often arise from poor installation practices, exposure to harsh environmental conditions, or interference from pests. Loose connections, for instance, can lead to intermittent power losses, reducing the overall efficiency of the solar system. Corroded terminals and damaged insulation are other common problems, typically caused by moisture ingress, salt air (especially in coastal areas like Newcastle), and temperature fluctuations.

Addressing wiring and connectivity problems involves ensuring that all electrical connections are properly secured and protected against environmental factors. Regular maintenance checks by our qualified team can detect early signs of wear and tear, preventing minor issues from becoming major problems and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the solar system

Underperforming Battery

Battery performance and safety issues are common concerns in solar and battery systems, particularly as battery technology becomes more integral to energy storage solutions. One major issue is capacity loss, which can occur over time due to the natural aging process of the battery cells. This degradation can be accelerated by factors such as frequent deep discharges, high ambient temperatures, and overcharging. As a result, the battery’s ability to store and deliver energy efficiently diminishes, leading to reduced overall system performance.

To ensure optimal battery performance and safety, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, usage, and maintenance. Regular health checks and monitoring can help identify potential issues early, allowing for timely interventions.

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