A monitoring system shows you when to run which appliances. With monitoring you can use your solar panels smarter.

Solar Monitoring Systems

Residential solar systems give households of all sizes the power to take control of their energy usage. By using the solar power monitoring technology from HCB Solar, you will be able to reliably gauge exactly how much energy your household is consuming. All data is given in real time with a broad range of useful information provided. HCB Solar are the leading solar power experts in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. When it comes to solar energy solutions, we’re the team you need.

Monitor Your Solar Energy Use

Monitoring your solar power system will provide you with a range of information. Our solar energy monitoring systems also sends you a HCB Solar alert when things are not working properly and in many cases is available as an app on your smart phone! It all depends on what inverter and what monitoring package you choose. 

  • Read the data from your inverter and presents solar production in real time.
  • Optionally also compares your current usage by reading your meter.
  • If you have a battery, it also makes you smarter about your energy goals at night.

Apps Make It So Easy

Keep your app with you so you can check in on your panels remotely. Get alerts if production drops. Ensure you are using the solar power as directly as possible.


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