Servicing Newcastle Solar Panels

Service And Support For Solar Panels And Inverters in Newcastle

Solar Service

Solar System Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is recommended on your solar inverter and panels. If you’d like a solar expert to check in on your solar installation, call HCB Solar and we will carry out any maintenance work for you.


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Solar Panel Servicing

Solar Panel Cleaning

Are your solar panels dirty and needing someone to get up on the roof for you? Our solar panel cleaning service can make your solar panels look like new.

Occasional cleaning of panels is advised to keep optimal performance. Your inverter should show if production is down from last year. Give HCB Solar a call today and we will come and clean the panels for you.


Solar Repairs.

For when your inverter displays a fault on the screen, or if there is another problem and you don’t know why, our solar inverter repairs services are here to help. HCB will investigate the cause of the problem for you.

Got lights flashing that shouldn’t be? We’ll diagnose the error states of your inverter and help you get back to green.

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Solar Panel Removal

HCB Solar are committed to making your transition to a new solar system as seamless and cost-effective as possible. When you choose to install a new solar panel system with us, we offer the removal of your old solar panels entirely free of charge. 

Our team will handle the entire process, from safely uninstalling your outdated panels to installing your brand-new, more efficient system. 

This service ensures that you can enjoy the latest solar technology without the hassle and expense of dealing with old equipment.

We only use trusted solar suppliers

HCB Solar has carefully chosen our partners and suppliers.

We are proud to be Newcastle’s Approved SunPower Solar Dealer.
The solar products we recommend are truly the best in the country.