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SunPower is a solar company with an international portfolio of patents and patent applications, and they have currently deployed more than 7 GW of ‘P’ series solar panels on residential and commercial properties across the globe.

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2021 Top Performer – PVEL PV Module Reliability Scorecard

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SunPower Performance Series Solar Panels

SunPower P Series solar panels have been one of the most innovative solar panels to go to market with their shingled cell panels since 2015 and have been sold in Australia since 2017. The ‘P’ stands for Performance because the SunPower Performance series panels were designed from 35 years of knowledge and experience in materials, manufacturing and renewable energy technology. The result is a solar panel that delivers exceptional performance, reliability and aesthetics.

SunPower Performance19 Solar Panels

The SunPower P19 Series panels are exceptional panels for residential properties, delivering high performance for greater energy production and a longer lifespan. The panels utilise an expanded active cell area, unique parallel circuit architecture and a proprietary bussing design that significantly limits power loss and increases energy generation. Even in shading or unfavourable environmental conditions, these panels can produce up to 35% more energy over 25 years, outperforming conventional panels using the same amount of space.

Performance 19 solar panel features:

  • Robust and flexible cell connection technology for outstanding reliability
  • Conductive adhesive, proven in the aerospace industry
  • Named as a Top Performer in all DNV/GL reliability tests
  • Reduced panel temperature due to unique electrical bussing

The third generation  SunPower P3 Series solar panels are engineered for exceptional performance. With a sleek, durable black design and expanded active cell area, the P3 series delivers increased power and efficiency for an estimated 35 year useful life.

Performance 3 solar panels feature:

  • Smaller cells stay cooler when shaded, extending panel life
  • Advanced encapsulant minimizes degradation from environmental exposure
  • Conductive adhesive defends against daily temperature swings
  • Redundant cell connections create flexible paths for continuous electricity flow

SunPower P series panels deliver a premium energy generation technology, which offers greater quality, durability and reliability than “conventional panels”. But what do we mean by conventional panels?

Conventional solar panels are made with traditional silicon solar cells with thin metal lines on the front and interconnected ribbons soldered along the front and back. These cells are connected to create a solar panel around 1.94 m2 in size, 310W and on average a 16% efficiency rate. 

The SunPower performance series panels are created using hypercells, which are the innovative technology behind the success of the P series panels – one of the most efficient panels in the solar industry market. The hypercell is designed to maximise durability and generate more energy over the life of your solar system through it’s flexible and superior shingled panel constructed. Not only did the Performance panels withstand greater mechanical stresses, they also maintain a higher efficiency rate in partial shade and at high temperatures, as well as using an anti-reflective glass to absorb more light. In fact, SunPower Performance panels can deliver as much as 8% more energy, using the same amount of space as conventional mono PERC panels, over the first 25 years of your solar power system lifetime.

Other Solar Panels

SunPower, an innovative and cutting edge solar company, field-tested 800,000 solar panels over 8 years at 264 sites and the Maxeon panels demonstrated the lowest degradation rates in the industry. The Maxeon panel is one of the best solar panels on the market.

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