Q.HOME CORE Solar Battery

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Smart Storage Device Released in 2021

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Q.HOME CORE Solar Batteries

The Scalable & Smart Integrated Energy Management System from Q Cells

Q Cells have released their third-generation energy storage system – the Q HOME CORE solar battery – designed to improve homeowners’ storage capacity and the supply of specific energy consumption. It integrates a solar inverter with a modular battery system developed by South Korean manufacturing giant Samsung SDI.

The modular home battery design allows easy, fast and flexible installation, and allows for additional batteries to be added to the solar system when required. The Q Cells storage solution ensures reliable long-term operation with a high electricity yield.

Part of the Q.HOME CORE system is the Q.VOLT inverter and the Q.SAVE battery.

The Q.VOLT solar inverter is equipped with a 5kW capacity in both the hybrid or AC-coupled versions. It also includes wi-fi or LAN connectivity.

The Q.SAVE battery carries a safe and reliable Samsung Li-ion (lithium ion) battery cell with a storage volume of 6.86kWh. This scalable battery can be paired with up to three units for maximum 20.5kWh capacity.

Monitoring is an important aspect of any home solar system. The Q.HOME CORE also includes proprietary production and consumption monitoring with the Q.OMMAND HOME app. 

This unique app allows solar owners access to their solar data – including tracking the PV module’s energy generation and consumption – and notifies homeowners of opportunities to optimise the use of their system.

For example, the system utilises weather data to find opportunities to optimise battery energy availability and when to prioritise energy generation.

QW Home Core Solar Battery

Q.HOME CORE A5 & H5 Models

Q.HOME CORE H5/A5 from Q Cells are solar battery systems is an outstanding battery storage product for residential properties. Featuring a single-phase, grid-connected system of solar energy sources and LiIon Battery energy storage, the Q.HOME CORE distributes solar power to:

  • charge the Li-Ion Battery energy storage
  • provide an energy supply to the household load
  • convert direct current (DC) electricity of the Battery to alternating current (AC) to discharge as household single-phase load or electric system

The easy and fast installation design, scalable energy system, seamless operation control and algorithmic optimisation of battery availability makes the Q.HOME CORE one of the more efficient and reliable solar batteries on the market.

Available as the H5 – Hybrid or A5 – AC-Coupled version to work with your existing solar power system and meet the needs of your family.

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