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Enphase IQ Battery 5P

Meet the IQ Battery​ 5P​ from Enphase

The IQ Battery 5P boasts remarkable potency, delivering a peak power of 7.68 kW and a continuous power output of 3.84 kW. Equipped with six IQ8D-BAT Microinverters, it has the capacity to initiate and sustain high-power-consuming devices such as pool pumps and HVAC systems, all while requiring fewer batteries.

This is made possible by its distributed architecture, which ensures that even if one of the microinverters within the battery malfunctions, electricity continues to be supplied to the home, keeping the lights on.

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Why Choose a Enphase IQ Battery 5P For Your Home

Enphase IQ Batteries utilize a distributed architecture platform. This adaptable and modular design enables swift construction of a system tailored to your specific requirements.

As your energy demands increase, you can effortlessly expand the system by incorporating compatible batteries. When combined with solar panels equipped with Enphase IQ8 Series Microinverters, there are no limitations on solar or battery sizing.

Moreover, the IQ Battery 5P provides versatile mounting options for both walls and floors, along with conduit entry points on the left, right, and rear, ensuring a polished and tidy appearance.

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Whole Home

Power you can tap into

Enphase IQ Batteries are managed by a beautifully designed app.

You’re just a tap away from tracking how much energy you’ve used and saved, or managing how much power is reserved for emergency backup and more.

Not all solar battery technology is created equal

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) are notably safer. Enphase batteries employ cobalt-free LFP chemistry, which surpasses other battery technologies in high-temperature conditions that we often experience in Australia, thereby minimizing the potential for thermal runaway fires.

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