LG CHEM Solar Battery

LG Chem Home Battery

Reduce your energy bills by generating your own solar power with HCB Solar.
We use only the highest quality solar power panels, inverters, and batteries.
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Store Excess Energy, Save Money 

Emergency Power Back-up

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Compact Size and Wall Mounting Installation

Proven Safety and 10 year warranty  

LG RESU10H type-R Product Overview

Create the optimal system for your home 

Choosing the high quality LG RESU10H type-R is an investment of the highest standard; a sharp design, high quality manufacturing and long term support and warranties. Bringing reliable and efficient technology to power the future of Australian homes. You can create the optimal system that is tailored to your needs and provides the best value for your solar powered home. 

LG Home Battery

mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)

907 x 744 x 206 mm


97 kg



Cell – UL1642

Battery Pack – UL1973 / CE / RCM / TUV (IEC 62619)



Hazard Materials Classification 

Class 9 


UN38.3 (UNDOT)

Ingress Rating


electrical Specifications

Electrical Characteristics 

Total Energy Capacity 1) 

9.8 kWh @25°C, Beginning of Life

Usable Energy Capacity 1) 

9.3 kWh @25°C

Battery Capacity 

63 Ah

Voltage Range 

Charge – 400 to 450 V DC

Discharge – 350 to 430 V DC

Absolute Max. Voltage

520 V DC

Max. Charge/Discharge Current

Max. Charge/Discharge Power 2) 


Peak Power (only discharging) 3) 

7kW for 10 sec.

Peak Current (only discharging) 

[email protected] for 10 sec.

DC Disconnect 

Circuit Breaker, 25A, 600V rating

Connection Method

Spring Type Connector 

Test Conditions – Temp 25°C, at beginning of life

Total Energy is measured under specific condition from LGC(0.3CCCV/0.3CC)

1) Value for Battery Cell Only (Depth of Discharge 95%). Actual usable energy at the AC output may vary by condition, such as the battery converter, inverter efficiency and temperature.

2) LG ES recommends 0.3CP for maximum battery lifetime. Values temperature and SOC – dependent.

3) Peak Current excludes repeated short duration (less than 10 sec. of current pattern). 

operating Specifications

Operating Conditions 

Installation Location

Indoor / Outdoor (Wall-Mounted)

Operating Temperature 

-10 to 45°C

Operating Temperature (Recommended)

15 to 30°C

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