The latest hot water technology, combined with solar, uses 4 times LESS energy than conventional tanks!

Sanden Heat Transfer Pumps

When it comes to new generation water heating, Sanden are the best in the business. Their heat transfer water heaters outperform everything else.

Use Dramatically Less Energy

This method of heating draws energy from latent air and puts that heat into the water. Even in winter. And it uses a fraction of traditional water heating methods.

Same Efficiency As Solar, Means More Room on Your Roof

Solar hot water takes more room than panels that can generate more power. So using a combination of Sanden Heat Transfer and PV panels gives the absolute best environmental impact available today.

Save Room on Your Roof for Panels

In the new power economy, roof space with sun is the new currency. Solar hot water is bulky and interrupts the flow of neat grids of panels. Plus if you don’t use the hot water, more energy from the sun is available for other uses.

Much Easier on the Environment

Having hot water on demand means we heat more than we ever need. So this technology saves CO2 emissions even more on days when you don’t use it all. Compared to old technology, the more you save, the even more you save.

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