Tahlee Ministries Bible College in Tahlee - 30 kw

Solar System Install

Project Outline

Key Drivers:  Meeting Corporate Sustainability Goals and cost efficiencies.

Key Reasons for Purchasing:  Quality Products with Quality Supplier to Supply, Install and Service.  Also, Client Service and Design were superior and very knowledgeable.

Challenges:  Finding most suitable buildings to install solar panels on, then inverter location, then access to electricity supply.

Consumption and Generation data were required for Education Purposes at the College.

Solar Panels on Tahlee Ministries Bible College


Two newer roofs were selected with one north facing and one west facing.  West facing gave afternoon generation to asssit with afternoon peak demand consumption at the college.

Inverters were located on external walls of each building, under the verandah roofs and the electricity supply was connected at the sub distribution board in each building – part of the reason they were chosen.

An SMA Energy Meter and Home Manager were added to the SMA Inverter. This enables any computer at the college to login and access the data about the system’s performance at any time.  This was a one time cost with no annual subscription fees or data costs.


Panels 60 x LG Mono X 280 Watt and 44 x LG Neon 300W
Inverter: SMA –  1 x 15kw and 1 x 12kw
Monitoring: SMA Energy Meter and Home Manager
Solar system peak capacity: 165kW combined
Racking: Sunlock Commercial Channel Flush for Tin Roof


A quality, high efficiency system that reduces the Colleges’ electricity consumption, costs, meets their sustainability goals and provides educational material and data for students.

Details – Generation & Income

Annual Generation 41,391 kwh
Annual Savings $5,836
Life Expectancy of System 25 years
Life Expectancy Generation 1,034,775
Income Life of System  $81,233 (over and above cost of system)