There are many benefits to having a solar panel system in either your home or business, but as a considerable investment, it’s worth evaluating different solar power systems for your home or business before you get started on investing in solar power. Doing your research and seeking expert advice can help you to make an informed decision that will ultimately lead to you saving not just money, but also the environment.  HCB Solar are fully accredited experts who know everything about solar.

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1.   Contributes to environmental sustainability

Aside from the small amounts of emissions associated with the manufacturing and transportation of solar energy systems, solar energy creates little to no pollution compared to conventional energy sources. A high quality solar energy system ultimately eliminates our dependence on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels and coal. Most solar energy systems also come with either electricity or gas backup or a solar storage system, so your family or business can enjoy all the benefits of solar, even when the sun isn’t shining. At HCB Solar, we consistently provide a high quality of service, as we not only have all the relevant accreditations, but also because we take ownership of the whole project from design, supply, and installation right through to after service and maintenance.

2. Creates jobs in the local area

The choice to install solar energy systems in your home or business also contributes to overall job creation in your local community. It is estimated that there are 39 jobs directly supported in Australia for every 1 megawatt (MW) of solar installed, and HCB Solar currently employs 12 people locally. As of July 2015, the national total of solar installed is just over 4000MW. This equates to around 156,000 jobs!

3. Saving you money by reducing your electricity bill

A solar power system lasts up to 40 years*.  They take 5-8 years to pay themselves off, then for the next 12-32 years that is money in your pocket rather than paying an electricity company.

A grid connect solar power system can help reduce your bill by 20-40%.  Adding battery storage can help reduce it by a further 20-30%.  And if you are really smart in the way you consume your electricity, you can get even bigger reductions.

Solar panels help cut electricity costs in the home or workplace by allowing customers to consume any energy they produce at the time it is generated, then if necessary, draw any remaining power from the grid. Some energy networks also provide payment for any surplus power generated that is fed back into the grid.

Over time, using alternative power sources in your home and business will see electricity bills reduced, although this does depend on several factors:

  • Size and quality of your system
  • How much and when electricity your home or business consumes
  • Weather
  • Incentives paid by retailer  (hyperlink this incentive to the first blog

It is worth noting that in order to gain optimal financial rewards from solar energy; you must invest in a high quality solar system.

* The ATO allows solar systems to be depreciated over a 20 year period.

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