Guide to NSW Solar Panel Government Rebates

Are you keen on installing solar panels to power your house but think the process is too complicated and expensive? We’ve all heard of the benefits of installing solar panels in our homes. But what if you can’t afford to install solar panels?

New South Wales residents are eligible for government solar rebates for installing a solar power system. At HCB Solar, we’ll help you find out how to take full advantage of the rebates provided by NSW State Government.

An Insight Into the NSW Solar Panels Rebate

The New South Wales Solar Panel Rebates program was introduced in July 2018 to reduce the overall cost of solar power system prices for homeowners. It incentivizes the installation of solar panels on residential homes across the state.

The government solar rebate program is administered by the Office of Environment and Heritage in NSW to increase the uptake of renewable energy systems. It provides homeowners with a one-off rebate payment of about $2,000 for installing a solar panel system.

The solar rebate NSW program is open to all New South Wales residents, regardless of owning homes or rent. The scheme’s eligibility demands that homeowners have a solar panel system installed by a licensed installer.

The NSW Government funds the program by providing a rebate for 30% of the total cost of solar pv panels, up to a maximum refund of $5,500.

Solar Rebate NSW 2022

How Do I Claim Government Solar Rebate?

When it comes to claiming solar rebates, you will need to determine the rebate state that you are living in. Once this is done, apply directly with your respective government body.

Rebates are available to all residents of NSW, but there are a few basic eligibility requirements you must meet to qualify for it. The requirements include:

  • Have a roof that can carry a solar panel system
  • Be located on property zoned residential or rural
  • Be powered by a grid-connected electricity supplier

Did you know that batteries for solar panels play a significant role in determining the amount of solar energy you can store? Investing in suitable batteries will be instrumental in your solar rebate claim.

If you meet these basic requirements, proceed to determine your eligibility using the government’s online tool. It’s only after verifying your eligibility that you can submit your application through the Office of Environment and Heritage’s website or by mail.

Solar Rebate forms can be found online or at local EPBC offices across NSW State Government jurisdictions. Here’s a quick guide on the different solar rebate periods in NSW:

  • The first four years of your solar panel installation are free of charge
  • Your 5th year, 6th year, and every subsequent year thereafter will be subject to a 1% surcharge
  • The 10th year of your solar installation will be free of charge

To qualify for a government rebate, you must use an accredited installer with a Clean Energy Council accreditation. You must also use panels that meet the CEC’s standards for performance and safety.

How to Apply for Solar Panel Rebates

The NSW government has made it easier than ever to get a solar power system through this government solar rebate. Here are simple steps on how to apply:

  1. Go to the NSW Government Solar Rebate website
  2. Apply for a solar panel rebate. The average rebate is $2,225
  3. After your application is approved, hire an accredited installer to install your new solar panels
  4. The installer will then lodge a claim on your behalf, and you will receive your rebate within four to eight weeks of the work being completed.

Will the Government Pay for Solar Panels?

The government of New South Wales will pay for solar panels for all households and small businesses in NSW. This is excellent news to those that have already installed their own solar energy system. If you are beginning the process and need a hand from the federal government, you can still apply online to receive your subsidy payment via direct deposit.

Other disbursement options may also depend on eligibility guidelines such as BTB Guide Credits.

What Will the Solar Rebate Be In 2022?

According to the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, a range of solar modules will be available in NSW, starting at $6.10 per watt. This puts them well below the 13 cents per kWh that most forecasts predict future electricity costs. Depending on your home and location, you may pay less than 5 or 10 cents per kilowatt or hour.

The subsidy amount will depend on your household size, property location, and type of renewable energy system installed. Rebates for household solar are calculated using a shared sliding scale.

It takes into account your household size, the proportion of power your system generates from renewable sources, and whether you have installed a battery storage device. A full subsidy is dependent on:

  • Residential property located in an eligible local government area
  • Size of the system 
  • Power generated from renewables 
  • Equivalent annual feeding in tariff for electricity purchased from ACME Server NSW

So What Will the Solar Power Rebate in NSW Be in 2022? Well, we don’t know exactly how much it will change, but here is a rough estimate based on current policy. The residential rebate starts at $2,000 for your 1st 100kW of solar panels.

Solar Rebate NSW

Is the solar rebate reducing?

Based on current policy, it seems likely that the solar rebates in NSW will decrease over time. The subsidy was reduced from $2,225 to $1,885 per kW from January 1st, 2021. The rebate is scheduled to fall further in 2022 and subsequent years. In 2022, the rebate will decrease by $320 on a 6.6kW system.

If you were thinking about adding solar panels to your home, now is the time to take advantage of the solar rebate in NSW. The more you postpone, the less the subsidy you’re awarded.

Can I Claim Solar Rebate More Than Once in NSW?

You can claim the NSW government solar rebate for solar pv panels once during your lifetime. If you later install another solar system on your property, you will need to wait until after you have claimed the first rebate before applying for the second one.

Other Solar Rebates & Schemes

Small-Scale Technology Certificates

The solar rebates you receive depend primarily on small-scale technology certificates (STCs). STCs are discount vouchers the federal government issues to households that generate renewable energy.

The number of STCs you receive depends on the solar panel’s output throughout its lifetime and your location. The larger the solar unit, the more STCs and the rebates awarded.

The STC scheme categorizes NSW as zone 2 with a 1.536 STC zone rating. To calculate the number of STCs, multiply the zone rating with the deeming period and your unit’s size (kW).

NSW’s solar rebate scheme will phase out in 2030, so the deeming period as of 2022 is eight years. If you have a 5kWh install in your roof, expect approximately 61 STCs.

Market forces drive the value of an STC. At the moment, a certificate goes for about $38.50. 61 STCs will be worth $2,349, and this amount represents your solar power rebate.

The gross cost of installing a 5kW solar system is about $7,500. After subtracting the $2,349 rebate, the net expense shrinks to $5,151.

Overall, solar rebates lower the cost of solar systems by approximately 31%.

NSW Government Empowering Homes Program

NSW solar panel government rebate isn’t the only program that rewards homeowners transitioning to clean energy.

The NSW Government also runs an initiative called the Empowering Homes Program. This scheme allows eligible homeowners to get interest-free loans when installing solar battery systems.

Interest-free loans come in two forms:

  • A loan of up to $14,000 for installing solar PV and battery systems (repayable as per the terms for up to 8 years)
  • A loan of up to $9,000 for retrofitting a solar battery to an existing solar PV (repayable as per the terms for up to 10 years)

The Empowering Home Program is still in its pilot phase and available in selected postcodes, including Newcastle and the Hunter region.

Eligible households must meet the following conditions:

  • Have an annual income of less than $180,000
  • Reside in the eligible postcodes
  • Own and reside in a grid-connected home. You should have the authority to install the system.
  • Satisfy the loan criteria

You can apply for the NSW Empowering Homes Program by:

  • Meeting eligibility requirements
  • Contacting approved suppliers. HCB Solar is an Accredited Certificate Provider
  • Get a quote after discussing your needs
  • Visit the retrieve quote portal run by Plenti
  • Input the loan details and complete your loan application

Once the loan is approved, HCB Solar will contact you and schedule an installation.

Get in Touch With HCB Solar

Although the initial solar power installation costs might be scary, it’s no secret that it comes with numerous advantages. Besides getting green energy and low electricity bills, it’s an avenue for getting rebates from the NSW government.

Want more guidance on solar installation and government rebates? Call us today at HCB Solar and learn how you can get solar panel rebates in New South Wales.

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