Senec Solar Battery

SENEC Solar Battery

Reduce your energy bills by generating your own solar power with HCB Solar.
We use only the highest quality solar power panels, inverters, and batteries.

Full Digital Monitoring System

More Power per Square Metre

25 Years Product Warranty (Parts & Labour)

All-in-one System (SENEC + Solar Panels)

SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid

By simply adding a SENEC Solar Battery Storage System to your solar panels you can become up to 90% Power Self-Sufficient. Whether you already have an existing PV System or are yet to install one, a SENEC Solar Battery can enable you to use solar power 24 hours a day (including nights, cloudy days and even during a blackout). The simplified installation and design aggregation allows for savings of up to $3,000 per installation.

Once installed, a SENEC Home Solar Battery stores any excess solar energy you would otherwise be sending back to the grid. By using more of the energy you produce, you can reduce power bills by to up to 90%, and reduce your impact on the environment. The SENEC.App offers full access to the health and cost of the entire system. SENEC is compatible with all systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

The award-winning SENEC Solar Batteries are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany, built for the Australian climate.

SENEC Home V3 Hybrid solar battery

mechanical Specifications


1.175 mm [H] x 530 mm [W] x 406 mm [D]

Battery Module Weight

34.5kg per battery module 

Compatible Grid Type

TN/TN-C/TN-S/TT systems

Number of Phases


Single-phase power output [three-phase measurement/suitable for single- and three-phase connections]

Operating Ambient Temperature

5 °C – 40 °C [10°C – 25°C optimal]

Relative Humidity 

10% – 85% [non-condensing]



Ingress Protection 



SENEC.App, Device Integrated Display and [user portal]

Total Weight



Backup Power Mode* [automatic & islanding]

1500 W

3000 W

Certifications and Warranty Specifications

Product Warranty

10 year manufacturer’s warranty
20 year extended warranty purchasable


Free via app for Android and iOS or via PC/laptop on

Remote maintenance 

Automatic software updates & diagnosis

Battery Safety 

UN 38.3, IEC 62619:2017

Backup Power

IEC 62109-2:2012


Grid codes: AS/NZS 4777.2:2015; IEC 62109-1:2010; IEC 62109-2:2011
Product safety: AS 62040-1-1:2003 [R2013], IEC 62040-1:2017; IEC 62477-1:2012

Electrical Specifications (STC2)

Max. Hybrid Power**

8000 W

Max. Power Output AC

5000 W

Max. PV Input Voltage [DC]

600 V

Number of MPP Inputs


Max. Efficiency 


Max. PV input-current Current DC [per MPP]

20 A

Max. PV Short-circuit Current DC [per MPP]

23 A

MPP Voltage Range 

75 – 600 V

Battery Module Manufacturer 

Samsung SDI

Battery Technology 

Lithium ion [NMC = lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide]

Low Voltage Battery [DC]

44.8 V – 58.1 V

Max. Charge/Discharge Current [DC]

31 A / 37,6 A per battery module 

Initial Usable Storage Capacity 

4.5 kWh

9.0 kWh

Max. Charge Power [DC]***

1500 W

3000 W

Max. Discharge Power [DC]***

2000 W

3500 W

* The optional backup power mode is only available with the SENEC.Backup Power pro bundle. Extra costs for additional material and installation may apply.
** This is the max. amount of usable power at a time combining 5 kW max. AC power output and 3 kW max. DC charging power.
*** Power reduction possible due to temperature and charge level.
**** The warranty conditions can be viewed at

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We only use trusted solar suppliers

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We are proud to be Newcastle’s Approved LG Solar Dealer.
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