Enphase battery

Enphase AC Battery

Reduce your energy bills by generating your own solar power with HCB Solar.
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Modular with Low Upfront Cost

  • More affordable than other storage options
  • Simple Installation keeps extra costs low
  • Modular for a solution that’s exactly what you need

High Performance 

  • 96% round-trip efficiency 
  • Optimised for predominent application of 1 cycle per day
  • Most usable capacity (!00% D.OD.)

High Reliability 

  • Minimum 10-year expected life
  • No single point of failure
  • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry from A123 for long cycle life

High Safety 

  • Highly stable pouch cells from A123
  • Safety certified by TUV Rheinland
  • No high-voltage DC in system

Enphase AC Battery

The Enphase AC Battery is simple to install, very safe and reliable, and provides the lowest lifetime energy cost for both new solar customers and retrofit customers. Modular and expandable, the AC Battery lets you size the system to meet the needs of every homeowner.

The Perfect Energy Storage Solution for You

The AC Battery’s modular architecture means you’ll get a storage solution that’s exactly what you need: no more, no less, no wasted costs. The system is easy to expand on as your needs change, as your family grows or you add an electric vehicle. Plus, flexible configurations work for any garage.


mechanical Specifications

Bracket Dimensions without Bracket (W x H x D) 

390 mm x 325 mm x 220 mm

Bracket Dimensions (H x W)

311 mm x 487 mm (BWM-450MM-A), 311 mm x 647 mm (BWM-600MM-A) 




Natural Convection – No Fans


80% capacity, up to 10 years or 3860 cycles


1.2 kWh

Peak output power (AC) @230 VAC

270 VA

Rated (continous) output power (AC) @230 VAC

260 VA


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)

Roundtrip cell efficiency (@30°C)


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